How does it work?

Ionizers charge the air with positive and negative ions. These ions force dust, germs, etc. to clump together and drive them to the ground.

Is it safe?

Ionizers are completely safe and produce no ozone or other dangerous byproducts.

How is it powered?

Any standard outlet you would charge your phone with, for example, will work.

How big is an Ionizer?

We offer three different ionizers for different capacities. The smallest is roughly the size of a microwave, and the largest is roughly twice that size.

Is there any maintenance?

Every 6 months or so of usage, there are two filters that should be swapped out to ensure optimal performance. These filters are very easy to swap out and cheap to replace.

How noisy is an Ionizer?

Ionizers produce very little noise, no more than a space heater or small fan.

Is it hard to use?

It’s as simple as flipping a switch to turn it on and adjusting the fan to your preferred speed

What size space are Ionizers right for?*

Our smallest ionizer is appropriate for up to approximately 2,000 sq. ft. and increases from there, up to a capacity of roughly 6,000 sq. ft.

*calculated based on 9 ft high ceilings

Do I need anything else with an Ionizer?

The ionizers do not require any additional equipment.